Who are we?

Food Hut RKE is a culinary and social events project in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful Roanoke, Virginia. We operate out of a small space, but here at Food Hut we have big goals for Roanoke. We are located at the corner of 5th Street and Salem Avenue in the buzzing West End neighborhood, sharing a vibrant multi-purpose patio with our friends Golden Cactus Brewery and Gatewood Rose Botanicals. We are community-driven, and are constantly striving to support our friends and neighbors through local collaborations and interactive events. We change our menu as often as possible, always working to provide new and exciting food items to our customers. We source and prepare our food responsibly, always incorporating as many hyper-local ingredients as possible. Partnering with Yard Bull Meats, we source all of our proteins from these innovative artisans.

We love our friends, and we always want to make new friends. We also love dogs, and we always want to meet new dogs. Come be our friends, bring your dogs, and your dogs friends, and have some fun with us.

“Food Hut RKE is one of the coolest new spots in the Roanoke area! Their menus change weekly and they always hit it out of the park. I am super grateful for their presence and am always looking forward to what they do next! (And did I mention the beignets?! Out of this world.)”